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Academic Calendar

Month Date Weeks Semester Planned Event
July 2015 Thursday 2nd Selection Committee Meeting
Tuesday  7th Public holiday – Sabasaba
Thursday  9th Publication of Selected candidates
Saturday 18th Eid El Fitr
Friday 31st Training Directorate Meeting
August 2015 Tuesday  4th Tutors Seminar on CBET
Thursday 76th CDC – Meeting
Saturday 8th Peasants day
Friday 9th Education Planning Meeting
Monday 10th II, IV and VI Supplementary exams
Monday 10th Orientation Course for First Year Students
Monday 17th 1st I, III and V Beginning of New academic year 2014/2015
Friday 21st 2nd Training- FETASO Meeting
Thursday 27th 2nd Training Directorate Meeting
Sept 2015 Friday 4th 3rd Module Delivery Committee Meeting
Monday 5th 3rd I Fresher’s Ball
Friday  11th 4th Cert & Dip Graduation ceremony
Monday 21st 6th V Presentation of Project Proposal
Thursday 24th 6th Research and Publication Meeting
Tuesday 29th 7th Training Directorate Meeting
Oct 2015 Thursday  8th 8th Training- FETASO Meeting
Wednesday 14th 9th Nyerere Day
Friday 15th 9th Education Planning Meeting
Monday 26th 11th Module Delivery Committee Meeting
Wednesday 28th 11th FETA Day
Friday 30th 11th Training Directorate Meeting
Nov 2015 Friday 6th 12th Module Delivery Committee Meeting
Monday 9th 13th Setting of Semester Exams
Thursday 12th 13th Exam Moderation Committee Meeting
Friday  13th 14th End of Signing of CA
Thursday 20th 14th Project Presentation and finalization
Tuesday 24th 15th Training Directorate Meeting
Friday 27th 15th End of Class Module Delivery
Dec 2015 Tuesday 1st 16th Beginning of Semester Exams
Wednesday 9th 17th Uhuru day
Friday 11th 17th End of Semester Exams
Monday 14th 18th Exam Marking
Wednesday 23rd Maulid Day
Friday 25th Christmas Day
Saturday 26th Boxing Day
Tuesday 29th End of exam marking and verification
Thursday  31st Training Directorate Meeting
Jan 2016 Friday 1st New Year
Monday 4th Exam Compilation
Monday 4th External Examiner
Friday  8th Inter-Departmental Exam Committee
Monday 11th Academic Committee Meeting
Tuesday  12th Zanzibar Revolution Day
Thursday 14th Publication of Exam Results
Thursday 15th Education Planning Meeting
Tuesday 25th Supplementary Exams
Thursday 28th Training Directorate Meeting
Feb 2016 Monday  1st 1st Beginning of Semester II, IV and VI
Monday 8th II, IV and VI Module Delivery Committee Meeting
Friday 12th FETASO – Training Meeting
Tuesday  16th 3rd Presentation of project proposal
Friday 19th 3th Announcement of Admissions for 2015/16 Academic year
Monday 22nd 4th Training Directorate Meeting
Friday 26th 4th FETA Environmental day
March 2016 Friday 11th 6th Research and publication Committee Meeting
Friday 18th 7th FETASO Election
Thursday 24th 8th VI End of CA Signing
Monday 28th 10th VI Semester Examination for NTA Level 6
Tuesday 31st 10th Training Directorate Meeting
April 2016 Monday  4th 10th Beginning of Industrial Training
Tuesday 12th Karume Day
Wednesday 13th 11th Training Directorate Meeting
Tuesday  26th 13th Union Celebrations
Thursday 28th End of CA Signing
Friday 29th 13th VI Training – FETASO Meeting
May 2016 Sunday 1st 14th May Day
Friday  13th 15th End of Industrial Training
Monday 16th II and IV Semester exam
Tuesday  24th 16th VI Presentation of Project work
Monday 11th 17th VI Presentation of Industrial Training Report
Friday 26th 17th II and IV End of Semester Exam
Monday 30th 18th II and IV Exam Marking
Friday 29th
June 2016 Thursday  9th End of Exam marking, verification and compilation
Friday 10th External Examiner
Monday 13th Inter-Departmental Exam Board Meeting
Thursday 16th FETA Exam Board Meeting
Monday 20th Publication of Results; Registration of Results to the NACTE/TCU System
Wednesday  22nd Selection Committee
Monday  27th Publication of Selected Students
July 2016 Thursday 7th Sabasaba Day
Friday 29th Education Planning Meeting
August 2015 Monday 8th Orientation Day/Sup exams
Monday 15th Beginning of New Academic Year 2015/2016
Sept 2015 Friday 19th IV and VI Graduation Ceremony

Please note: Dates for the 2015/2016 Academic year are subject to review and possible change