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Objectives & Main Functions


1. To provide technically qualified manpower for the fisheries and its allied industries in Tanzania
2. To provide training for officers of the coastal fishing fleet up to the recognized level of certificates required by deck and engine staff
3. To develop ways and means of improving small‐scale fisheries of Tanzania through training and extension services
4. To promote aquaculture industry through provision of education and training
5. To carry out applied research on biological, environmental, socio‐economic and technological areas

Main Functions

1. To provide Technical education and Training in Fisheries technologies
2. To provide Technical education and Training in Aquaculture
3. To carry out applied research and disseminate results
4. To develop appropriate fisheries technologies and demonstrations
5. To promote fish trade
6. To provide consultancy services in the fishing industry
7. To initiate and manage some income generating activities
8. To offer relevant courses for those from other countries